Mainz Bioaerosol- Laboratory:


Research Associates

With the following researches especially close cooperations exist as well as joint research projects and publications:


Max Planck Institute for Chemistry

Working group: Ulrich Pöschl of the MPI for Chemistry:

Working group: Janine Fröhlich of the MPI for Chemistry:

Working group: Bettina Weber of the MPI for Chemistry:


University of Mainz

Working group: Peter Hoor of the Institute Physics of the Atmosphere, University Mainz:

Working group: Thorsten Hoffmann of the Institute for Anorganic and Analytical Chemistry, University Mainz:


University of Applied Science, Mainz

Working group: Hartmut Müller of the University of Applied Science, Mainz:üller


KIT Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research

Working group: Bernhard Vogel a the KIT in Karlsruhe:


University of Denver, USA

Working group: Alex Huffman, University of Denver, USA:


IIT Madras, India

Working group: Sachin Gunthe of the IIT Madras, India: